Sporting a black jacket with an upturned collar, an intimidating presence comes a first glance. With a mythril breast plate on his chest, Zaiga wears a black chain over his shoulder.


Zaiga Velexa is apart of the infamous Velexa clan. The name, meaning “imperial warriors” is the best way to describe them. Once a nomadic group, the clan was warriors by nature, homing their skills so as to prepare themselves for a fight. This method of lifestyle would ultimately lead to the group’s survival. Many of their enemies would fall before their might. It was this countless among the contingent that would lead them be sought out. Everyone from kings, to nobles would hire them as mercenaries. Many of these battles the group shared, would end badly for their enemies, as few would make it out alive.

With that in perspective, it would be a few hundred years later, when the clan would settle down. Primarily, the reason for this is due to the fact; the clan had discovered huge deposits of diamonds within the mountains. With the ability to make mass profits in their hands, the clan would back down from many of its contract agreements. However, this stance would in no way hinder the clan.

In fact, it would make them stronger. The assets they’d gained from the mines were used primarily to fund their forces. With that aspect, the clan would spread its influence, and eventually take over a large majority of land. A greedy king, named Dorian would appear before them in light of the group’s successes.

Angered, he demanded that the clan surrender large portions of their land, lest they wished to be annihilated. Not obviously backing down, the Velexa clan refused and thus, went to battle. While doing well at first, the clan suffered huge losses in the long run. Desperate for help, they would call upon the one force that could help them: The East River Clan.

A similar group, they’re considered rivals of Velexa and sworn enemies. In the past, these two would clash as a result of their mercenary statuses. The rival clan also shared the distrust of the Velexa, as they initially refused to help. But upon negotiating an agreement, the East Rivers would give in. Through their collective might, both groups would effortlessly defeat the king’s forces and slaughter the tyrant.

Unfortunately, before the agreement between the East River could be fulfilled another crisis emerged. The diamond mines, to which they’d owed their finances to, were drying up. This, coupled with massive losses sustained as a result of the war, placed the clan in crisis. With that said, Kaizon, the Velexa clan’s 49th leader, would attempt to renegotiate the deal. The East River Clan refused and claimed that if the payment weren’t made, then drastic consequences would take affect. Kaizon, while claiming they would decompensate the group, warned if they try anything they’d be sorry. While the clan scrounged up every last diamond they had, it in turn wasn’t enough. With that said, The East River Clan would abduct Zaiga’s sister, Alexis. With the clan’s forces greatly diminished, Kaizon was unable to rescue her. Through this, Zaiga would be ordered to go to the mines and dig up valuable items, to aid in his sister’s rescue.


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