In the cliff face of the great Tok Plateau, a massive stone vault door lurches forward and falls to the ground. Inside the vault, an incorporeal globe depicting the planet in detail floats atop a simple pedestal, rotating slowly. No instructions or records are left, only the globe.
For days, experts, scholars, and mages inspect the curious floating sphere, but can glean nothing useful. Suddenly, as mysteriously as the opening of the vault, a point of red light appears on the surface of the globe. Soon, more and more points light up all over the world. At each point lay a new vault, and in each vault, the secrets of the ancients.

You are the Diggers, the explorers of a new frontier. The Verlorian vaults deep below the surface hide secrets of great power and great fortune. Retrieving them will require skill and bravery, and failure will mean no less than death. Sharpen your blades, prepare your spells, and steel your nerves – adventure awaits below.

The Diggers

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