The War (Verlorian Text)

The War

The War began many years ago, in the time before the Vaults. In those days, both the Verlorians and the Eridians walked upon the surface of Tyria. It became clear, however, that the two peoples could not coexist. Inevitably, war broke out.

The proud Verlorians fought for their land. They had not only the best of Verlorian technology on their side, but soldiers of impossible bravery and valor. It is said that some were so loyal to Verloria that they continued to fight even after their death.

The Eridians proved to be a fearsome enemy. It was soon apparent that they were favored by the gods. Their magic, granted to them by the gods long before memory, was powerful indeed. The Verlorians, lacking such gifts, chose instead to make their own magic, and thus Materia was created.

As wondrous as this invention was, it may have been too late. As the Verlorians fought with machines and Materia, the Eridians turned to drastic measures. From the desperation and depravity of the Eridians came the Death Witches. These dreaded mages would appear from nowhere and disappear without trace, not only killing Verlorians, but erasing them entirely, leaving no body. Some say even their souls were destroyed.

Faced with such a horrific prospect, the Verlorians were forced to retreat underground, and to that end, the Vaults were constructed. The entirety of what was left of the Verlorian race packed their belongings and piled into the Vaults, expecting to return to the surface in fifteen years. No one knows what will happen on that day. Many fear another war with the Eridians, and this time, there may well be no survivors. One thing is certain, however: it is the fate of the Verlorians to once again walk on the surface of Tyria.

The War (Verlorian Text)

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