The Brothers Berkley

The Berkleys are a driven family of dwarves that share a mind for business.

Argath Berkley

The oldest brother, Argath is the real businessman of the four. He handles the buying and selling of Verlorian artifacts for the digging company, as well as the hiring of employees.

Bertram Berkley

The second-oldest, Bertram excels in the study of magic. He studies artifacts and assesses their magical and intrinsic value.

Corwin Berkley

The second-youngest, Corwin is the toughest Berkley. Greataxe in hand, he guards the Berkleys’ stash.

Dug Berkley

The youngest, Dug has yet to find his true calling. In other words, he’s fairly useless, and he mostly handles filing and other simple tasks.

The Brothers Berkley

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