Spell Materia

Spell materia contains the “formula” for a spell. Their effects can be channeled in multiple ways, depending on the device in which they are implanted, listed below:

Implanted In Weapons

  • Evoke Fire: imparts the Flaming quality on a weapon.
  • Evoke Lightning: imparts the Shock quality on a weapon.
  • Evoke Ice: imparts the Frost quality on a weapon.
  • Transform Metal: depending on the etchings in a sandsteel weapon, the Transform Metal materia can have a number of different effects.
  • Create Light: causes the weapon to emit light as a torch.

The amount of modifiers a weapon may contain is dependent on its magic weapon modifier. For example, a +1 weapon may have a single +1 modifier from materia. A +2 weapon may contain from two +1 modifiers from materia, or a single +2 modifier from materia.

Casting Devices

Casting devices are objects, typically rods, that channel materia into spells. The specific device determines exactly how the spell is channeled.

Spell Materia

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