Sandsteel Weaponry

The ancient Verlorians crafted most of their weapons out of sandsteel. Because sandsteel is too brittle, it cannot be used in long, thin weapons such as rapiers. Rather, sandsteel weapons tend to be thicker and sturdier. A sandsteel longsword, for example, has a broad, thick blade, and is slightly heavier than a steel longsword. Similarly, the hafts of hafted weapons are often thicker to support the heavier head. A sandsteel weapon is 1.5 times the weight of its conventional steel counterpart.

Sandsteel weapons may have magical enhancements, but no inherent magical qualities. Instead, they have etchings that allow the weapon to temporarily absorb and acquire the properties of Spell Materia. The etchings create specific effects from specific types of materia. Different weapons may respond differently to the same materia, and not every weapon will accept every materia. Only trial and error can tell you what will work and how.

You have found the following sandsteel weapons:

  • +1 Sandsteel Khopesh
  • +1 Sandsteel Heavy Mace

Sandsteel Weaponry

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